The perfect partner to the Didsbury Map and a great way to keep money in the local economy. When money stays local, we all benefit – traders and residents alike – from good consumer choice, healthy high streets and jobs for local people. It’s all connected.

You can buy and spend the Didsbury Gift Vouchers – just like cash – with any of our members listed below or wherever you see the logo. There are no secret mark-ups on the vouchers – buy one for £10, trade one for £10.

And if you want to make a Didsbury voucher go even further, with deals, discounts and even a freebie here and there, try pairing your voucher with a TAG! card.


The list of places to spend them includes some Didsbury favourites – food, fashion, gifts and great places to eat and drink – and is growing all the time.  Check back here or follow @didsburytraders for the latest.

Andrew Graham Shoes 673 Wilmslow Road, M20 6RA, 0161 445 8243

The Cheese Hamlet 706 Wilmslow Road, M20 2DW, 0161 434 4781 @cheese_hamlet

Croma 651a  Wilmslow Road, M20  6QZ, 0161 445 6944, @cromapizza

The Epicurean, 226 Burton Road, M20 2LW 0161 434 2549 @EpicureanThe

Giddy Goat Toys 2 Albert Hill Street, M20 6RF,  0161 445 1097 @giddygoattoys

Harriet & Dee 8 Warburton Street, M20 6WA, 0161 438 2500 @harrietanddee

Harriet & Dee Jewellery Boutique 9 Warburton Street, M20 6WA, 0161 438 2500 @harrietanddee

Little Pigs Butchers, 735 Wilmslow Road, M20 6WF, 0161 438 6899 @LittlePigsDids

Mailboxes Etc 792 Wilmslow Road, M20 6UG, 0161 445 0444

Peter Woolley Printers 31 Barlow Moor Road, M20 6TW, 0161 445 9607, @pcwprinters_m20

The Village Physio 3 Warburton Street, M20 6WA, 0161 445 9607@DidsburyPhysio